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Within the IPC sales network, the presence of distributors and sales partners plays an extremely important role.
In such a complex and segmented market as the cleaning sector, their work is indispensable to guarantee in-depth knowledge of local markets, complete coverage of the territory and a high level of service, with the ability to provide a rapid response to the various needs of customers.
Distributors and sales partners are therefore an important asSet for the group, a human and professional capital of which IPC is proud and which has accompanied the history of the individual companies, sharing their successes and challenges down the years through a relationship of consolidated partnership.
The IPC sales network includes 8 direct european and international branches, which guarantee a strong presence on the market and adequate support for distributors in some of the main strategic areas throughout the world:

  • IPC Benelux
  • IPC Brasil
  • IPC Deutschland
  • IPC Eagle - USA
  • IPC EspaƱa
  • IPC ICA - France
  • IPC India
  • IPC Foma - Norge
  • IPC Gansow UK
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