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Cleaning and safety are among the determining factors in a point-of-sale’s criteria, fundamental for image and safety. In addition, there’s no doubt that guaranteeing the safety of customers while in the point-of-sale is indispensable, predicting and reducing to a minimum the risks deriving from accidents such as slipping which could have serious legal consequences and repercussions on image. So for shops, shopping centres and department stores, IPC has developed a series of retail solutions to facilitate everyday cleaning, optimising operating times and reducing fatigue in complete safety for both customers and operators: The HDS suite of equipment made wholly from antibacterial material, ideal to guarantee food safety. The ultra-compact easy-to-manoeuvre ECS floor scrubber drier, easy to use with optimum cleaning results and immediate drying of the treated surfaces even in small rooms and narrow spaces such as corridors. Ideal for cleaning flush with the wall. The ECS can also reduce labour costs by more than 40% and water consumption by more than 80%. The SDS trolley with instant mop impregnation system activated automatically at the moment of use only and only on the cleaning side of the mop, making it lighter, quicker and more ergonomic; The SG line of IPC steam generators exploiting the heat of the steam, making them the best solution for cleaning and eliminating the germs and bacteria which can build up rapidly in preparation and refrigeration areas, eliminating all chemical risk and the alterations to taste and smell associated with the use of detergents and disinfectants. And then, for the cleaning of both indoor and outdoor windows, IPC has developed a professional system using exclusive pure water technology, without the addition of chemical cleaning agents. Cleano, is a light, compact, easy-to-manoeuvre tool to clean and sanitise windows, mirrors, glazing, cold counters and work walls, reducing work times by at least 50%.

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