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IPC Ready System

Ready System, a company in the IPC group, produces industrial cleaning equipment.
Set up in Italy in 1990, its international vocation was immediately obvious as its presence grew rapidly on markets throughout the world. Today it is present in 65 countries in five continents with about 85% turnover in export sales, and able to compete with even the most fierce of local competition.

And it is precisely from this that this young company draws its energy and ability, to interpret products in a highly technological computerised way, coordinating them by means of a well-consolidated and accentuated business capacity. In short, automation and the study of new functional recyclable materials such as the polypropylene it uses to make its trolleys.

IPC Ready System produces a complete range of manual equipment for industrial and professional cleaning, from the textile line to a vast range of trolleys.
Investment in research into new technologies has enabled IPC Ready System to offer a vast range of products, characterised by quality and reliability and located in the medium-high section of the market.

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