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IPC Pulex

Pulex, a company in the IPC group, plays a leading role at the top of the international market for the production of glass cleaning equipment, products and accessories.
Set up in 1963 at the dawn of the industrial cleaning sector in Europe, IPC Pulex owes its outstanding success to the high degree of specialisation and strong drive towards innovation characteristic of the company.
Targeted research has enabled IPC Pulex to create a complete and advanced range of products specifically designed for cleaning the vertical glass surfaces becoming ever more common in industrial, commercial and residential architecture throughout the world.
Its complete range is aimed at a varied clientele with diverse problems: squeegees, telescopic handles, fleeces, scrapers, floor squeegee, buckets, prehensile tongs and all types of accessories.
Controlled individually at the end of the production process, each item is designed and produced from the best materials to optimise use on even the most inaccessible glass surfaces.

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