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The IPC system for environmental protection

IPC is conscious of its role and its responsibility towards the community, the workers and the environment in which it operates. For this reason, even before that the international community took into consideration the necessity of an eco-sustainable development, the IPC companies projected quality products and efficient working processes always in the maximum respect of nature.IPC has defined its own ethical-environment policy, which is attentive to minimize the impact of the life cycle of each...

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Products composition

A significant part of the raw materials used to produce the IPC products are recycled, such as for example plastic materials, discarded in the printing phase. Moreover, IPC, adheres to the European Policy 2002/95/CE, which forbids the usage of dangerous substances such...

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Raw materials and components transport

IPC carries out an attentive logistic policy and an efficient and eco compatible transport in all its plants.For example it privileges raw materials suppliers localized in areas nearby the production sites: 50% of the purchased goods is supplied inside a range of 200 km. IPC...

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Transformation and assembling

IPC keeps constantly under control the consumption of electric energy for the transformation and the assembling of raw materials with the aim to identify all possible actions to decrease the usage of non renewable energetic resources. In the last three years, in most of the..

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For this reason IPC utilizes up to 75% of recycled materials to pack its products and is studying interventions to reduce the usage of packaging realized from virgin raw materials. The objective is to recycle and recover most possible material, by reducing the production of...

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Products usage

To reduce energy consumption and safeguard, everyday more, the environment that surrounds us, IPC is using electric and endothermic engines always more efficient and also studying innovative products, capable of giving a real contribution to an eco-sustainable development.

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End of products life cycle

The design of IPC pays attention from the very beginning of the project to use the minimum number of components and typologies of raw materials to maximize the final recovery. IPC follows the European regulation that attributes to producers the responsibility of...

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