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IPC has paid particular attention to exclusive areas in hotels, where a welcoming atmosphere, tidiness, cleaning and hygiene are indispensable requisites. To guarantee these, IPC has developed a series of appropriate, functional and highly professional tools to guarantee in-depth cleaning in complete respect of the environment. The SG, Steam Generator method uses high temperature (150°C) saturated steam at a constant pressure (5 bars) to clean effectively, employing heat to destroy bacteria, germs, mould and all other pathogens. For structures with fitness areas, SG is the ideal solution to sanitise equipment, showers, beds and solariums.

Entirely redesigned, the restyled Hotel multipurpose trolley line fits in perfectly in hotel halls and corridors outside rooms without disturbing the aesthetic sense of the guests. All trolleys are covered on three sides by rigid ABS panels to guarantee the order, discretion and hygiene of the contents. The compact, easy-to-manoeuvre Leo vacuum cleaner is ideal for all Settings where power and efficiency must be combined with a guarantee of peace and quiet. Also ideal for the hotel sector is the professional carpet sweeper, designed specifically to clean large fabric covered and hard surfaces with low noise levels and high vacuuming power. Designed to clean windows and mirrors, Cleano reduces work times by up to 50%. Always ready for use, it can also be used for quick unplanned cleaning, operating in safety without having to climb up ladders or onto platforms. ECS is the most silent scrubber drier on the market, making it ideal for use with people present. Special microfibre pads and specific cleaning procedures guarantee high levels of hygiene and cleaning. By reducing water consumption by more than 80% with respect to a normal scrubber drier, ECS also makes an appreciable contribution to reducing environmental impacts.

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