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Beginning with an analysis of the requirements and issues of the urban scene, IPC research and development uses innovative techniques, instruments and methods to develop solutions able to transform our surroundings into a clean, usable, safe place for everyone.

The result is three IPC urban cleaning systems:
The HighRise robot to clean skyscrapers and high rise buildings can eliminate problems and risks by replacing human cleaners on suspended platforms with an advanced, effective, safe, practical and environmentally-friendly machine; the HighPure system, an ultra-pure water generator, is the effective environmentally-friendly cleaning system for all glazed surfaces and windows; it can be used in conjunction with extension rods and brushes to clean windows and walls up to a height of 15 metres in complete safety, using an innovative but entirely natural cleaning agent; the ECR eco graffiti remover is a multi-purpose pressure washer combining the force of pressurized water with an innovative idea - the use of sodium bicarbonate as a natural inorganic way of removing graffiti and stubborn dirt in general from all types of surface.

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